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About Us

Afiti Global Fire Testing Pvt Ltd is the first private state-of-the-art fire testing facility to test vertical and horizontal products to its resistance to fire properties, coming up in Chennai, India. Our objective is to provide world class services in resistance to fire and reaction to fire tests as per various National and International standards. Our quality in testing, impartiality in services and confidentiality in data, ensures trust with our clients. Afiti Global will focus on offering only testing services leaving the certification process to be done by other reputed organizations.

Once completed the laboratory will be accredited as per ISO 17025.


Our Services

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Resistance to fire

In any resistance to fire test the specimen is exposed to a standard controlled fire to achieve specified temperatures throughout a specified time period. We test for the fire-resistance rating of passive fire protection system, i.e. the duration for which it can withstand a standard fire resistance test.

In the test we measure the behaviour of the test specimen to its insulation, integrity and load bearing properties. The heat flux values are also measured as per various standards.


Reaction to fire

In reaction to fire we evaluate how the material or system responds to fire. We measure the contribution of the material or system to a fire to which it is exposed and analyse the combustibility and ignitability of building materials or system i.e the contribution to fire development and spread rather than its ability to resist fire. This is important to design the safe evacuation procedure and for material selection in various applications.


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Flat D, Block -1, 

Ground floor, Bajaj Apartments,

Nandanam extension, Chennai 600035

Tamil Nadu, India.

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Mob. : +91- 7510886977


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